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Sanaa Sloan

Co-Founder & Chief Social Impact Officer

Sanaa Sloan



Sanaa Sloan is an exceptional individual who is pivotal at Navigating Grey as the Co-Founder & Chief Social Impact Officer. Her profound passion for leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence to drive social impact strategies has played a significant role in shaping the firm's approach and vision.

Sanaa embarked on her journey with Navigating Grey at a remarkably young age, co-founding the company alongside her father, Irvine, during her sophomore year of high school. Her extraordinary dedication and commitment to making a positive difference in her community have been evident throughout her academic journey. As an Honors student with a remarkable 4.2 GPA, she consistently demonstrates a thirst for knowledge and a drive for excellence that sets her apart.

Beyond her academic pursuits, Sanaa actively contributes to her school community. She holds the esteemed position of Social Media Officer at Mind Talks, where she plays a vital role in amplifying important conversations and spreading awareness. Additionally, she is a valued member of DECA (Distributed Education Clubs of America), where her outstanding talents have earned her numerous awards at both the local and state levels.

With aspirations in biotechnology and bioinformatics, Sanaa envisions a future where her impact extends far beyond the confines of her school and into the broader community. Her drive and determination are fueled by a strong desire to utilize her skills and knowledge to effect positive change in the world, leaving a lasting and meaningful legacy.

Sanaa Sloan's remarkable accomplishments, unwavering passion for social impact, and unwavering commitment to academic excellence make her an exceptional individual and an invaluable asset to Navigating Grey and the broader community. Her continuous pursuit of knowledge and her dedication to making a difference serve as an inspiration to others, and her potential for creating positive change is limitless.


  • Social Impact Strategy: Tools for Entrepreneurs & Innovators, Wharton School of Business via Coursera

  • Social Entrepreneurship, Wharton School of Business via Coursera

  • Business Strategies for Social Impact, Wharton School of Business via Coursera

  • Social Impact Strategy with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, Goldman Sachs via Coursera


Awards & Recognitions:

  • 2021 & 2022 - 1st Place - DECA Marketing (Mecklenburg County)

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