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Beyond Good Intentions: Tomorrow's Tools for Authentic Community-focused Initiatives

Editorial by
Jamie Bond, Chief Strategy and Research Officer at Navigating Grey

February 5, 2024

Meeting between business man and community youth

In recent investigations by Floodlight and Capital B, a concerning trend emerged – major power companies influencing civil rights leaders and organizations. The revelation from this investigation has raised questions about the authenticity of community-driven initiatives and the validity of the social benefits such initiative claim to produce for communities.


As a firm believer in the significance of corporate-community relationships, I recognize the foundation they provide for good corporate citizenship. Companies must build genuine connections with civil rights leaders and organizations as one channel of understanding the needs of  the communities they serve. However, concerns arise when these relationships extend beyond education and into to realm of buying endorsements for corporate activities that may not align with the best interests of the community members these organizations were created to support.


Environmental Justice and Corporate Influence


The Floodlight/Capital B investigation reveals a covert campaign by some power companies to slow customer adoption of decarbonizing technologies like rooftop solar and exploiting the financial burdens of community-based non-profits in the process. The root of the investigators' claim is that these power companies solicit (and in some cases buy) Black support as a way to divert attention from the disproportionate environmental harm being done to Black communities, bringing the ethical dilemma of accepting money from power companies for advocacy work into the conversation.


While acknowledging the duty of utilities to support communities through employee volunteerism, grants, donations, and other resources, it is crucial that this altruism is not offered in a quid pro quo fashion. Transparency here is key.  When it comes to advocating for community action (or inaction) related to corporate agendas, given the influence they wield, community leaders should be compelled to disclose the nature of their relationship with their corporate benefactors, in much the same way political ads and social influencer are expected to disclosure sponsorships.


New Tools for Authentic Community Engagement


In the landscape of community engagement, tools like Navigating Grey's SustainImpact Auditor, which captures the on-the-ground evidence of social impact at the ZIP code level, are emerging as valuable assets for substantiating the social component of corporate ESG claims. By capturing direct testimonials from individuals within the affected communities, the SustainImpact Auditor tool acts as somewhat of a safeguard against exploitative, quid pro quo practices unduly influencing regulators and investors. It provides evidence of actual community sentiment, creating observable demarcations between genuine community support of corporate actions and sponsored endorsements of community leaders.

Looping image of SustainImpact Auditor mobile app
SustainImpact Auditor by Navigating Grey


As transparency becomes a greater cornerstone of social impact, leaders will be forced to openly disclosing (or abandon) any  corporate affiliations that give the appearance of paid endorsements if they want to maintain the trust of their patrons and supporters.  The integration and use of impact auditing tools by corporations and organizations further reinforces their commitment to more robust and accountable approaches to community engagement in their drive for greater authenticity.


In navigating the grey intersections of corporate interests and community advocacy , transparency, ethical altruism, and innovative tools to capture nuance and context will become paramount in this emerging world of corporate disclosures and impact reporting. We at Navigating Grey believe in a future of sustainability and social impact where community partnerships are forged on authenticity, mutual benefit, and the well-being of all stakeholders involved.

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