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Irvine Sloan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Irvine Sloan


Irvine Sloan is a visionary leader, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of Navigating Grey. With over two decades of experience, he plays a pivotal role in defining the firm's culture, client strategy, and operational model.

Irvine's practical expertise in leading high-performance teams and finding strategic solutions to complex challenges has been honed through his tenure at multinational corporations like Danaher, ABB, and Duke Energy. Drawing from his diverse background, he comprehensively understands the "big picture" and leverages his insights to drive innovation and success.

Passionate about sustainability and corporate social responsibility, Irvine is a staunch advocate for volunteerism and community service. His unwavering commitment to uplifting others and his strong moral compass shape the firm's approach, ensuring a positive impact on clients and communities. He actively contributes to non-profit boards and organizations focused on technology, entrepreneurship, and community outreach.

Irvine's educational background reflects his multidisciplinary approach. He has completed the Advanced Finance Program at the Wharton School of Business. He holds Master's degrees in Law from Northwestern University, Business Administration from Indiana University, Agricultural Economics from Purdue University, and Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Additionally, he earned Bachelor's degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech.

Irvine serves on several esteemed boards in recognition of his expertise and leadership, including the American Association of Blacks in Energy.

Irvine Sloan's vast experience, passion for sustainability, and dedication to community upliftment make him an exemplary leader at Navigating Grey. With his guidance, the firm is poised to create meaningful change and drive sustainable growth for clients and society.

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